Barber gives bad haircuts to create good behavior

Russell Frederick says haircut used as discipline

SNELLVILLE, Ga. – One barber in Georgia is giving out bad haircuts on purpose in an effort to curb bad behavior.

Russell Frederick says he got the idea when his own son was misbehaving, saying the haircut serves as an effective alternative to corporal punishment. 

"You got to be creative with your discipline.  You can't touch them for fear of police or law enforcement getting involved.  I don't whoop my kids, so that was the way I chose to discipline him at the time," said Frederick.

The haircut is designed to look like a balding man, completely shaven on top with hair remaining on the sides and back.

Frederick said he is already seeing results.

"My son, his grades came up dramatically because he doesn't want the cut, I think it worked very well," he said.

Over the past month, Frederick says three other children have been brought in to receive the embarrassing haircut.