Man Tased by Marion County deputies files lawsuit

Cellphone video captures deputies using stun guns on father

OCALA, Fla. – A man has filed a federal lawsuit against the Marion County Sheriff's Office claiming excessive use of force.

Cellphone video captured two deputies using stun guns on Roy Sherman, who arrived at the scene where deputies had pulled over his son, Alex, for a traffic violation.

"That was just pure torture or punishment when they did that," Sherman told Local 6.

He said he feared how his son, who is autistic, would react to the deputies.

He was charged with obstruction -- a charge that was later dropped.

"This thing comes like a bullet," Sherman said, speaking of the stun gun deputies used on him the first time. "It hit me right here -- 50,000 volts. It actually had two wires. When they had me on the ground, they actually had me handcuffed. I was not trying to fight or scuffle. If anything, I was writhing in pain still."

 But Sherman said he was hit three more times with the stun gun.

"One of (the deputies) pulled my arms up, and lifted my shirt and did what they call a 'drive stun.' That's where they stick the gun right to your skin and hit me three times. That's 50,000 volts. That's 150,000 volts in just a matter of seconds."

An internal review of the two deputies that were involved in the incident showed they did nothing wrong, the lawsuit claims.

Sherman's federal lawsuit seeks punitive and compensatory damages from the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

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