Panhandler continues to recover after being struck, dragged by car

ORLANDO, Fla. – An Orlando panhandler continues to recover at Orlando Regional Medical Center Friday.

The man was run over by a car and then dragged through the intersection at Orange Blossom Trail and West Colonial Drive.

According to a city ordinance, he was panhandling illegally. The city of Orlando has over thirty designated zones where panhandlers can legally stand, those areas are marked on the sidewalk with blue paint.

Terry Twofeathers has been panhandling in the city for years and says he's always stayed in the zones, but has seen other panhandlers break the rules.

"Some of those guys run out there and dive between cars, Twofeathers explains. "Not me, it's not worth it."

Twofeathers didn't know the man who was run over Thursday morning, but he says all panhandlers are aware of the city rules, and that everyone knows to stay in the boxes.

"Oh, yes they do know," Twofeathers said. "Some just don't follow the rules and that's dangerous."

The incident remains an open investigation, as a result, Orlando police have yet to release the name of the panhandler or the driver of the vehicle involved. OPD says they do have video surveillance at that intersection and will be reviewing it over the coming days.