2 injured when boats collide head-on in St. Johns River


VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – Two people were transported to a hospital after two boats collided in St. Johns River Monday just before 12 p.m. near 907 Lemon Bluff Road.

According to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office, David Denayer, 66 was traveling north in the right side of the channel at a high rate of speed. As he approached a curve he saw another boater, Steven Gazdak, 38, traveling south directly toward him.

Deputies said Denayer attempted to turn to avoid the collision but wasn't able to fast enough.

Denayer collided head-on with Gazdak, who had a passenger, 42-year-old Kelly Grove.

Gazdak and Grove were transported to Central Florida Regional Hospital for medical treatment.

Deputies said Gazdak possibly fractured his hand, while Grove may have sustained a fractured rib.

Denayer did not receive medical attention.

Gazdak's boat remained at the scene until it could be towed, but Denayer's was functioning after the crash.
Florida Fish and Wildlife have taken over the investigation.