Attorneys tell different stories in Zimmerman shooting

Zimmerman gives statement, still no arrests

LAKE MARY, Fla. – George Zimmerman gave Lake Mary police investigators an official statement today to help them piece together the events that led up to him being shot at on Monday.

Attorneys for both sides are painting very different pictures of what happened.

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Don West, who helped defend Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin murder trial in 2013 is now helping Zimmerman press charges against Matthew Apperson, who called 911 on Monday, claiming that he shot at Zimmerman's SUV.

West said the shooting happened during lunch hour on a very busy Lake Mary Boulevard.

"In some respects it's the classic depraved, hard, kind of reckless disregard for everyone's life including Mr. Zimmerman's," West said.

West denies claims that Zimmerman threatened Apperson with a gun.

He said Apperson started flashing his lights at Zimmerman and driving recklessly as Zimmerman drove to a doctor's appointment on Monday.

He said it took awhile for Zimmerman to realize who Apperson was.

He said Zimmerman turned around to flag down a police officer for help, and then Apperson fired a shot through Zimmerman's passenger-side window, narrowly missing his head.

"He was threatened by the brandishing a firearm by Mr. Zimmerman, and he had every right to survive and to protect himself and to act in self-defense," said Mark NeJame said, who is representing Apperson in the police investigation.

NeJame said he's not sure that Apperson will make a statement to police.

He said Zimmerman's past may do the talking for him.

"If you put Mr. Zimmerman's credibility as contrasted to Mr. Apperson is anybody -- can anybody -- say that Mr. Zimmerman's statement is believable beyond reasonable doubt?" NeJame asked.

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