Democrats worry Bush's Latino connections could hurt Clinton

Former governor spoke sluent Spanish during campaign kickoff

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton (Barbara Kinney/Hillary Clinton/Facebook)

WASHINGTON – Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign probably doesn't need a reminder of how crucial Latino voters could be to her presidential campaign. She's getting one anyway from Jeb Bush.

The former Republican governor of Florida spoke fluent Spanish during his 2016 campaign kickoff this week, saying in the language, "Help us run a campaign that welcomes you."

Clinton will address the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials on Thursday in Las Vegas. She does so at a time when Bush's bilingual pitch is prompting quiet pangs of concern among some Democrats.

They worry that a campaign that successfully presents Bush as the product of his Hispanic-infused South Florida home could cut into their party's demographic advantage with Latino voters, particularly in tightly-contested states such as Florida, Colorado and Nevada.