Video shows woman giving birth to 10-pound baby in car


HOUSTON – A woman gives birth to a baby in a car on the way to a birthing center, and it was captured on video.

YouTube user i8thacookies posted a video that shows a woman giving birth to a 10-pound baby in Houston, Local 6 sister station KPRC-TV reported.

According to the user's post, the couple was driving to the Bay Area Birth Center in Pasadena when the mom starts going into labor while dad is driving.

He unbuckles her seat belt, and within a couple of minutes, she delivers her own baby.

You can hear the child crying, while mom rubs the baby's back. She reveals the baby is a boy, and the couple congratulates each other.

According to the YouTube page, the couple have two other little girls who were both born at the same birthing center.

Watch the original video here. (Warning: the video contains material that some might find graphic.)