Police investigate Facebook post showing dog with mouth taped shut

Daytona Beach police say they are searching for person responsible for picture


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – ​Animal control officers in Volusia County are investigating on Tuesday a Facebook post that shows a picture with a dog's mouth taped shut.

The picture first showed up on Facebook on Sunday. In it,  a dog is lying on the floor with his mouth wrapped shut in blue tape. The account is linked to someone named Bryan Futur Gomez.

The post reads, “All you know is that this is a picture of my dog with tape on his mouth chillin. Now start judging your reasons.”

The judgment immediately begins with more than 500 angry comments and counting. One woman said, "Only sick people would do that." Another woman promised to contact the police.

The poster tried explaining himself. He said that he was trying to show his roommates that the dog could get out of the tape. They added that it wasn't sticky and that he could still drink and bark.

Just this past November, Katharine Lemansky, 45, was charged with animal cruelty after a similar Facebook post went viral. South Daytona police tracked her all the way to North Carolina but didn't take her dogs after police determined they were well taken care of.

Daytona Beach police are now investigating this most recent incident. They said they think they know the guy but wouldn't give any other details.