Toddler brings smiles to senior living facility

Atticus Pierce and Great Grandfather, Jim Sightler, make the rounds each week

WINTER PARK, Fla. – This week News 6 Anchor Matt Austin handed out the Getting Results Award to the youngest recipient yet.

Twice a week Jim Sightler and his Great Grandson, 21-month-old Atticus Pierce, make the rounds at Westminster senior living in Winter Park where Sightler lives.

Traveling room by room, they've become a popular pair among the residents.

"He just rambles around and chats," Sightler says. "Just about everybody here knows him."

With curly blond hair and bright blue eyes, Atticus is the main attraction. He's quick to take a walker for a spin or dart off for the community piano, all the while Sightler is at arms length and in chase. 

"Man...it's not easy chasing after a 21-month-old," Sightler says. "I'm in pretty good shape since he's been born. You gotta be, right?"

The pair not only get results, they're getting smiles. 

On the day we caught up with them, Atticus was handing out beaded necklaces to celebrate Mardi Gras. Hugs, kisses and smiles greet him with every encounter.

"He comes in and gives them a kiss," Sightler says as he describes the routine. "You should see their faces how happy they are."

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