Remembering Selena on 21st anniversary of her death

Selena Quintanilla (Photo: EMI Records)
Selena Quintanilla (Photo: EMI Records)

Music lovers are taking time to remember the pop icon Selena. She died 21 years ago today.

"She was everyone's daughter, she was everyone's friend, she would always take pictures with her fans, she would always talk to people and always smiling of course," former KQQK radio DJ Johnny Lazo said.

Lazo met the star as a teenager, and in previous years on the anniversary his online radio TejanoHitsRadio.com, paid tribute to the icon who was on her way to being the only successful musician to cross between Spanish and English.

"She would be the only one to this day that would have crossed over. If she had lived till this day Jennifer Lopez would not be Jennifer Lopez," Lazo said. "Selena could have been a movie star and Selena could have been everything that Jennifer Lopez is with the following, clothing, perfume."

Selena was on track to be that kind of wide-range artist before her death. Some of her designs are still on display in a museum in Lake Jackson where she was born.

This April she would've been 45 years old.