Coach says team can name newborn for winning season

Heritage High wins 14th game Tuesday night

The Heritage Panthers have taken a little battering on the field the past few years.

"I think we won a combined 21 games since we've been here. It's been rough," senior player Joseph Nelms said.

Rob Querry, the team's third head coach in four years, had to think outside the box to motivate them.

His pregnant wife, Julia Querry, explained, "At the end of practice he said, 'Hey guys, I'm pregnant,' and he said, "If you win 14 games and you have a winning season, I'll let you name the baby."

Julia thought her husband was joking and so did the team.

Senior pitcher Christian Grubb said, "I didn't think he was serious at first. I said, 'Why would you do that?'"

But then the team stepped up to the plate and came up with a name straight from Hollywood, specifically the movie "Sandlot."

Rob Querry said the name came up just moments after he challenged the team.

"As soon as I said it, a couple of them were like, 'Benny Smalls! Benny Smalls! Benny Smalls!'"

"Our two favorite characters are Benny the Jet Rodriguez and Scotty Smalls, so we figured Benny Smalls," Nelms said.

A Monday night win against Bayside High would have set the name Benny Smalls in stone for the family, but the Panthers lost four to nothing.

However, they said it's their best season in the school's history. Even after the Bayside game, the Panthers have five more chances to win. Either way, mom Julia said she's fallen in love with the name.

"I mean, there's just no point in trying to fight this any longer," she said. "This is meant to be Benny Smalls."

The next game was held at Tuesday at Heritage High School. The team won their 14th game Tuesday night.