Seminole County deputy needs kidney transplant

Blayne Badura has rare blood type, needs live donor

OVIEDO, Fla. – Seminole County Deputy Blayne Badura said he spends three days a week and four hours a day on dialysis, waiting for a new kidney. It's a fight he fears will hurt his family.

"I was scared that I wasn't going to be able to work anymore and provide for my family," Badura said. 

Badura said it's been an uphill battle since suffering kidney failure 18 years ago.

Last October, his condition worsened and now his kidneys are only functioning at 10 percent.  

"Hopefully I get the transplant, and see, I'll be much healthier if I could get a kidney," Badura said.

His wife Traci said it was hard seeing him in the hospital these last couple of months.

"It was very trying on all of us to have to admit that you're not so capable and you're not so independent and you might actually need help," Traci Badura said. 

Blayne Badura is now on the Florida Hospital transplant list. He said with his rare blood type his best bet for a new kidney is a live donor.

"We have live donors that have applied," he said. "We were told if a live donor is not a match we can wait up to four to six years before I get a possible kidney."

Knowing how long it would take to get a donor, Traci Badura took to Facebook and arranged a charity ride for her husband, who has a message for other in similar situations. 

"Just stay positive, look forward, look at the end game," he said. "Know that there's a possibility that you will have a match get that kidney and get your life back."