Daytona Beach ocean advisory lifted

Swimming advisory was for the Main Street area of beach


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – The Department of Health in Volusia County lifted the beach swimming advisory on Saturday for the Main Street area of the beach.

The DOH issued the precautionary swimming advisory Friday after water samples taken earlier in the week indicated an increased risk of infectious disease.

The department's Healthy Beach Program monitors 13 sites over a span of 40 miles along the beach. 

Bacteria levels tested lower at all the other sites. The advisory was only issued for the area around Main Street.

DOH staff said the spike in levels may have been a natural variation. When ocean samples were taken earlier in the week, a large flock of birds was in the area and the ocean conditions were calm. Without the natural mixing and dispersion that normally occurs, fecal matter from the birds may have been concentrated in the ocean water samples.

Every other week, DOH analyzes ocean water samples for enterococci bacteria.