Kitten finds forever home with deputy who saved him

Stray stuck in truck door appropriately named Dodge

WINTER SPRINGS, Fla. – A tiny black kitten that managed to get himself stuck in the door panel of a truck has been adopted by a Seminole County deputy who helped rescue him.

Deputy Anthony McDaniel was patrolling a neighborhood in Winter Springs last week when he responded to a call about a woman trying to free a kitten from a Dodge truck. After arriving on the scene with other deputies and Seminole County Animal Services, they noticed the way the kitten was positioned inside the door panel meant if they moved the door in the slightest, the entrapped animal would risk getting pinched.

McDaniel then had the idea to use baby oil to slick the feline's fur so he could slide the kitten to safety. 

Once the small black cat was unsnarled, the concerned woman who made the original call for help took the kitten to a veterinarian. The kitten was unharmed but still homeless since the woman's other cats didn't take too kindly to the idea of a new addition in their domain.

The concerned citizen posted to Facebook determined to find a forever home for the kitten to live out all nine of his lives. McDaniel saw the post and stepped up to let the kitten into his home and into his heart. 

McDaniel and his family adopted the kitten and appropriately named him Dodge. 

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