Man recounts Halloween night attack at hands of costumed mob

Brothers suffer serious head injuries

ORLANDO, Fla. – A night of trick-or-treating with their family on Halloween night ended with two men being ambushed and attacked.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office said about 20 people dressed in Halloween costumes attacked the men Monday night in Orlando. One was stabbed in the head and the other was hit with a hockey stick, sheriff's officials said.

The Halloween night attack was reported about 9 p.m. along Harrell Road near Bexhill Boulevard, the Sheriff’s Office said. 

Tommy Brown and his brother Jeff Brown were the victims.  

"The guy hit me right here with a machete and then he started kicking my ribs in on this side, this side and then one car started speeding off and ran over this arm," Tommy said.

Tommy has multiple staples on the left side of his head, a bruised left arm and bruises on the right side of his back.

Jeff also has staples to his head.

Tommy says he and his family were finishing their evening of trick-or-treating in the Colonial Village community when he says something hit the side of his brother's truck.

"He stopped. He got out and said, 'What's the problem?' and then the guy wanted to get crazy," Tommy said. "I got out and the rest of them started coming in. So then, after that, the one laid me out and I fell to the ground. And then I was just sitting there in pain and I couldn't do nothing because I got 20 of them on me."

As the men were being attacked, Jeff's wife, Krista, got in the driver's seat and drove the five children who were in the truck to their home about a block away.

"By the time I went back for Jeff he's already coming toward me with blood all over him," Krista said.

Krista said up until Monday night she felt safe in her home.

That said, with the clown craze happening, she was apprehensive about going trick-or-treating in the first place.

"It's ridiculous. I mean, you can't even take your kids anymore out trick or treating and enjoy family time without being feared of getting attacked," Krista said.

Deputies wouldn't go into detail as to what type of costumes the attackers were wearing.

Krista said one person was wearing a mask from the movie "The Purge."

At this time, no one has been taken into custody.