Winter Springs High School security guard charged with battery on student, police say

A Winter Springs High School security guard was arrested on Wednesday after threatening to throw a student over a second story railing, according to police.

The high school resource officer told Winter Park police that they intervened when they saw Deron Smiley, 44, and several students arguing, according to the report.

Smiley grabbed a student, throwing them to the ground and choked them, according to the report.

Smiley threatened to throw the student over a second floor railing, but he was stopped, according to police.

During Smiley’s arrest, officers found a firearm in his vehicle at the high school.

Smiley is charged with child abuse, battery and possession of firearms on school property.

Seminole County School public information officer Michael Lawrence said Smiley was a substitute security guard for the school and also on a contracted position with the girl’s junior varsity basketball team.

“The individual arrested will not be returning to the school and will be terminated from further duty effective immediately,” Lawrence said.

Smiley was booked into the Seminole County Jail on $8,000 bond.

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