New ramp coming to Maitland Boulevard next week, officials say

Drivers will 1,500 feet sooner with new ramp

Just as drivers are getting used to changes on Maitland Boulevard that went into effect this week, crews are finishing up the final touches on yet another shift that will begin next week.

"We've got another new ramp that will come online next week for the westbound I-4 drivers. So as you're coming from Seminole County down into Orange County, you'll need to exit a little sooner, about 1,500 feet sooner than you do today,” said Dave Parks, public information officer for the I-4 Ultimate Improvement Project.

The shift will open up more options for drivers coming off I-4 west.

"(You'll) exit off to the right-hand side, same as you do today. But as you come down the ramp, you will then have a choice: You can either stay with the traffic that's getting on westbound Maitland Boulevard or, for those folks that are in Maitland Center that need to get on northbound Lake Destiny, they'll have their own lane off of that ramp that will take them right into that business park,” Parks said.

Despite understandable frustrations, progress at the site has been steady.

"Things have gone well so far. We are on schedule. Things are progressing the way that we want to. The work here in Maitland is scheduled to be done three years sooner than the rest of the project,” Parks said.

In the meantime, project officials ask for patience.

"For those folks, we continue to ask for their patience and know that we are doing everything that we can to get this job (done) quickly to bring about those improvements as soon as possible,” Parks said.
And if you can avoid the area, that would not be a bad idea, Parks said.

"If they have not explored other options, other routes, they may want to consider those. Obviously,for some people, this is going to be the best option for them,” Parks said.