Local deputy donates car to mother in need

Single mother surprised with car from Seminole County deputy

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – Erica Wimberly has a lot to smile about these days. She just got an SUV, and it's all thanks to Deputy Todd Farnham, with the Seminole County Sheriff's Office.

Farnham teamed up with his friend April from Eagle Buick to donate the vehicle.

"I really just wanted to just bless this family this year and do my part," Farnham said.

He first met Wimberly through her son, Elijah, who goes to the same school where Farnham is also a school resource officer. He said Elijah has severe asthma and other medical issues, so he's always made sure to keep an eye on him.

"Elijah has that certain charisma that some people just have and you have to love him," he said.

Farnham also grew close with Wimberly and found out that she has been the victim of domestic violence, and didn't have a reliable car to get around in, making it tough for her to go to work or get Elijah to doctor's appointments.

"To meet her and see how heroic she was and positive, I was like, 'This person needs a break. This person needs something great to happen,'" he said.

So from there, he made it his mission to find her a car, and he did. Wimberly said she couldn't believe it and is beyond thankful for his generosity.

"My goal is to give back. I want to do exactly what Deputy Farnham was able to do and his good friend April," Wimberly said. "She does it every year, she helps family. So I want to in the future be in a position to give back the same way she does."

The dealership also donated all kinds of presents to Erica and Elijah, including an Xbox.