Leesburg brawl goes viral on Facebook

No one seriously injured in fight

LEESBURG, Fla. – Leesburg Police said Tuesday that videos of a fight have been shared online several thousands of times.

The cellphone videos show a group of people fighting near several townhomes on Tuskegee Street in Leesburg. 

Neighbors told News 6 that the fight started at about 4:30 p.m. Monday, after a fight on social media spilled into the street.

"I haven't seen that many people out here in a long long time and we have block parties and everything, but that many people never come out," a neighbor said.

Neighbors said that a larger group of about 50 people surrounded a smaller group that was throwing punches.

Leesburg Police said a windshield was smashed during the altercation. 

"People love confusion. So, whenever you get people that are fighting, or doing something else, you know just not good, people are just going to share it. It's sad, but it's the truth," a neighbor said. "I felt really bad because I know a lot of the girls personally. And when stuff like that happens, it always escalates. People end up going to jail. People end up losing their jobs, their houses. It's just, it's not OK."

One of the videos had about 25,000 shares on Facebook by Tuesday afternoon.

Police said that they've already identified a couple people in the video, but are still looking to identify the rest. All of the people involved face misdemeanor charges.

No one was seriously harmed in the fight. 

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