Brevard County Sheriff's Office posts its most hilarious video yet

Video 'The Best Collection of Crime Prevention Songs Ever!!'

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey and his team have done it again. They've made another video — and it's hilarious.

This time, it's a parody infomercial selling "THE BEST COLLECTION OF CRIME PREVENTION SONGS EVER!!" Yes, all caps. Two exclamation points.

The infomercial is hosted by two sheriff deputies, Sgt. Kurt Benfant and Cpl. Jay Martinez, who run viewers through a list of hit songs while cheesy disco music plays in the background, News 6 partner Florida Today reported. Prepare yourself, because you're about to watch what looks like a ninth-grade group project.

"I'm glad my favorite hits are finally in one great album," Benfant says to Martinez green-screened in front of a flashy background.

"I know. What a great idea," Martinez replies in a matter-of-fact tone.

"I must have stacks and stacks of crime prevention CDs at home," says Benfant. "But none of them put it together like this one. It's a real hit."

The sarcasm in their monotone voices is perfect.

The two then go on to introduce a series of songs, cutting to other sheriff's office employees singing their renditions of popular tunes, with new words, of course.

For instance, the first song is a rendition of "That's the Way I Like It," featuring Deputy Shawn Hill dressed in a wig pretending to play the keyboard while two backup singers, manager Jessica Vanatta and assistant to the chief Dawn Ekonomou, sing along in glitter jumpsuits.

Meanwhile, a list of songs on the "CD" scroll through, featuring songs such as "Security Survey on a Sunday Afternoon," and "All You Need Is Locks."

Oh, but there's so much more. The video keeps going. "Do the Twist" is featured to encourage people to twist the key through the lock. That's followed by an rendition of Adele's "Hello," "I Like to Lock It, Lock It" to the tune of "I Like to Move It, Move It," and a spin on John Lennon's song "Imagine." Those are just a few, the video lasts for a whopping 4 minutes and 27 seconds. Keep watching, though, because the Aretha Franklin parody at the end is both the best and worst part of the entire thing.

Don't forget to read the songs as you watch, because they are pure gold. A few of my favorites are: "Beep Beep (keyless entry instrumental)," "Guess Who's Outta Town (I Read It on Her Facebook)" and "Come on Baby, Lock My Door."

The video wraps up with the deputies tying the whole thing into one theme: crime prevention. Locking doors, inspecting your home and doing what you can to prevent crime.

Ivey pops on the video at the end to reinforce the message.

"While everyone has their favorite music memories, we hope this video serves as a reminder about the importance of crime prevention," says Ivey.

He urges viewers to uue the sheriff's Community Service Team, which offers a free home inventory program, along with a number of crime prevention tips and information on

While the video will certainly grab your attention, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

This is sooooo Wayne Ivey in every way. He's known for these antics and using humor to send important messages. His "Wheel of Fugitive" parody even made an appearance on "The Daily Show." Love it or hate it, if you watched it, then it worked.

"By mixing humor and creativity when appropriate into our posts, we not only encourage our citizens to actively engage and watch our Crime Prevention messages, but also to share our page so that we grow our viewing audience," said Ivey of the video.

Ivey and his team certainly got our attention ... and now I'll be singing "What they want. Baby you got it. What they steal. I know you've got it. All I'm asking is for a little inspection of your home" for the next week.

Thanks for that, guys.