Tree Trek: Morning team vs. Night team

News 6 anchors battle it out on ropes course at Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park

ORLANDO,Fla. – In Central Florida, there's no shortage of fun family activities-- and that's going well beyond the theme parks.

News 6 anchors found out about a Kissimmee ropes course at the Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park and decided they had to give it a try.

To make it a little more fun-- they decided to make it a morning team vs. night team competition.

So morning anchors Bridgett Ellison, Kirstin O'Connor and Justin Warmoth met up with night anchors Lisa Bell and Matt Austin to gear up and throw down in the 15-acre natural pine tree forest.

First, they had to get harnessed up and learn how to use the safety mechanisms they'd be relying on while on the courses.

Then, they got to try out a demo course to get used to how everything works.

Up next, a little smack talk.

"Well, I don't want the morning team to hear. No, it was not easy, they're telling me that was the demo, I thought that was the real thing, but I think we can do it," said Lisa Bell.

"Like I said before, I think we've got good chances, we're the young ones, you know? Old people up there," joked Kirstin O'Connor.

Finally, it was time to begin-- they decided to skip the beginner course to take on what's called the intermediate Blue Course.

Timers were set-- and off went the night team, with the morning team not far behind.

"We're number one at 11 for a reason," said Bell. "Wow, trying to go fast is not a good idea."

"This is kind of awesome, it's like you're walking on air," said Matt Austin. "Eat it, morning kids!"

"It's obvious who's winning this," said Justin Warmoth.

"I'm sure I'm going to find bruises and scrapes tomorrow, but right now, this is awesome," said Bridgett Ellison.

"Sorry, I'm too busy gawking at how slow Matt is over there!" joked O'Connor.

Everybody was able to finish the course, which is about 50 feet in the air. The park does have several courses, some more suitable for children and others that get increasingly difficult.

So who came out on top?

A producer announced the results: "The evening team scored at 24 minutes and 25 seconds and the morning team was at 19 minutes and 34 seconds!"

After a lot of cheering and laughter, both the winners and the losers celebrated by taking trips on a 425-foot zip line.

"Getting results, baby!" yelled Austin.

If you'd like to visit the Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park, just tell them you saw them on News 6 and they'll give Florida Residents a $15 discount off the regular price until the end of June. Climbers who book online at can enter promo code "News 6."

About the Authors:

Tara Evans is an executive producer and has been with News 6 since January 2013. She currently spearheads News 6 at Nine and specializes in stories with messages of inspiration, hope and that make a difference for people -- with a few hard-hitting investigations thrown in from time to time.