WATCH: Florida man busted during raid while on Facebook Live

JACKSONVILLE, FLa. – A Facebook Live video that appears to show a 22-year-old Jacksonville man boasting about money as a SWAT team moves in and arrests him is getting a lot of attention on social media.

That Jacksonville Sheriff's Office SWAT team moved in Thursday afternoon to arrest 22-year-old Breon Hollings, and officers did whatever they had to do to bring him in, leaving busted-in doors and broken-out windows as evidence.

VIDEO: Man appears to Facebook Live as SWAT moves in

Those watching live on Facebook Thursday afternoon, though, got a view of what was happening from inside the house.

The video appears to show Hollings showing off money to his audience, but just seconds later, something gets his attention.

He returns to show off the cash again before a loud voice outside gets his attention again, and he runs outside.

That's the last the audience sees of Hollings before the sounds of shattering glass can be heard and SWAT officers enter the room.

“It was like a bomb going off,” said one neighbor, who asked not to be named. “It shook my house, literally. The kids were in the front room right here, and I had to move them to the back room.”

She said she didn’t know what was happening, but she knew to stay away.

It’s still not clear what role, if any, the video played in the SWAT situation, but News4Jax crime and safety analyst Gil Smith said it’s a helpful tool for police.

“A very large percentage of crimes have been solved via social media,” Smith said. “Either police departments monitoring social media, or people contacting social media and police.”

Police arrested Hollings and said they found crack cocaine, pills and drug paraphernalia in the home.
Hollings remains in the Duval County Jail.

He has a lengthy jail record in Jacksonville. This was his seventh arrest, including previous charges related to drugs and trespassing.