Darryl DJ Burt II: Big ambitions, bigger heart

Volunteer engaged in his community

Darryl "BJ" Burt II, 29, lived in Jacksonville and worked as a financial aid officer at Keiser University.

Darryl "DJ" Burt II had big ambitions and even a bigger heart, from a fast-food restaurant manager to a financial aid officer at Keiser University.

The 29-year-old Jacksonville resident had just graduated with his master's degree in human Resources before he was killed June 12, 2016, in the Pulse nightclub shooting.

Burt was buried in Central Virginia. While he wasn't originally from Virginia, his parents were. His grandmother, Marian Jackson, is the associate pastor of the church where Burt is laid to rest.

"He was a great kid. I mean he was a wonderful kid," Jackson said. "I remember his school days. He was going to school and anything he tried to do he put his best into everything he did."

Burt volunteered for the Jacksonville Jaycees, according to a GoFundMe account created in his name. The group is a nonprofit organization for young professionals who are engaged and committed to creating impact in their communities.

Shawn Derives, president of Jacksonville Jaycees, described Burt as a rising star poised to be the next treasure of the group.

"Darryl was a hard worker, very passionate," Derives said. "What we really want everybody to know about him is that he was really trying to give back to his community. And he had a huge heart and was really willing to help others."