Miguel Angel Honorato: Husband, father of 3 sons

Honorato and his wife 'were a team' raising their family

Miguel Angel Honorato, 30, left behind a wife and three children - ages 1, 2, and 15 - when he was killed in the Pulse nightclub attack.

"When he was here we were a team," said Honorato's wife of 12 years, Minerva Mederos.  "He would help out with the kids while I would cook."

Honorato moved to the United States from Mexico when he was a toddler.  He grew up in Apopka, living close to his extended family.

Honorato managed several restaurants and worked for a Mexican catering company.  He was the sole provider for his wife and boys, two of whom were too young to understand why their father did not return home that night.

"They're so tiny they don't know yet what's going on," Honorato's widow said.  "They won't know how their dad was and how he cared for them."

The couple's youngest son Julian enjoys looking at photos of Honorato on his mother's phone.

"He'll point at him and smile," said Mederos.  "He doesn't tell me, but I know he misses him.  We all do."

Honorato is survived by his wife Minerva Honorato, sons Joel , Julian and Miguel Jr.; siblings Jose Honorato, Odilla Honorato, Yedic Honorato, Alex Honorato, Johnny Honorato, Denny Honorato, Enrique Honorato.


Loomis Funeral Home donated their service to Honorato’s family. He was buried in Apopka.


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