Confederate flag found on Gainesville NAACP president's property

'Tactic is to scare me... but that will not work,' Evelyn Foxx says

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – A local NAACP president told News4Jax that she has been the victim of racist threats and death threats after a Confederate flag was found in her yard Monday morning.

Gainesville police are now investigating to figure out who put the flag on Evelyn Foxx's property in Gainesville.

Foxx said she’s been living a nightmare for eight months. 

“I think the tactic is to scare me enough, try to frighten me enough, bully me enough where I would just shut down and not say anything, but that will not work,” Foxx said.

She said she and friend found the flag in her front yard early Monday morning.

“Both of us were just startled and shocked,” Foxx said. “I was in disbelief that I have seen it, but I never thought that people would come to where I live and place a Confederate flag here.”

She immediately called 911. 

“When I see the Confederate flag in my yard, or when I see it flying anywhere, I think of what happened to African-Americans in the years past, slavery and all the slaves that were killed,” Foxx said.

Foxx, the president of the Alachua County NAACP, said this isn't the first racist act against her.

“I have gotten death threats in the past,” she said, adding that the calls began last November. “The first four or five, I paid it no attention, and when this person called at 1:10 in the morning and identified himself as the KKK and 'N we are going to kill your black you know what,' and that's when I reported it to the police department and the FBI.”

Foxx said she believes the threats are coming because she is trying to help the minority community fight local injustices. But, she said, she remains strong and focused on helping the community. 

“I'm not going to stop doing,” Foxx said. “I am not going to resign as president of the NAACP. I am going to keep fighting the fight for people who can't fight for themselves.”

Police are investigating the flag incident and ask anyone with information to call the Gainesville Police Department's detective bureau at 352-393-7670. 

Gainesville police said they found enough evidence from the November calls to deem the complaint credible but no arrests have been made in either incident.

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