911 call: Woman feels shock of nearby lightning strike

Woman fishing in shallow water feels effects of nearby strike

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – A 31-year old woman was taken to a hospital Saturday after suffering a shock from a nearby lightning strike while fishing in shallow waters near the Knox Memorial Bridge.

Nearby three other people when it happened, the victim was pulled out of the shallow water where she was found lying down, according to the 911 call provided by Volusia County authorities.

Witnesses said that they felt the shock but weren’t as affected as the woman was, according to the 911 call. The three people immediately called authorities and reported that her eyes were bloodshot and twitching with her neck appearing red.

Riding in a white boat, the three people took the woman to a boat ramp near the Ormond bridge where authorities met the four people. Upon arrival to the ramp, the woman shocked by a lightning strike was starting to talk a little more, her eyes had stopped twitching and had become less red.

The three other people fishing were completely fine in the area near Highbridge Park.