Free app promises robocall 'transparency' by 2020

First Orion Corporation says testing is promising

The days of mystery callers popping up on your smartphone screen are about to be replaced by “Caller YD” a technology under development by Arkansas-based First Orion Corporation.

Company CEO Jeff Stalnaker told News 6 the hope is that Central Florida consumers will have access to the new phone call system by 2020.

“When your phone rings you know who is calling and why,” said Stalnaker ,”What we don’t want to do is classify all robocalls as bad.”

Stalnaker said the “caller transparency” system has been under development with a major phone carrier for the last 24 months, he said the company couldn’t be discussed as yet but that early consumer reaction to the on screen information has been positive.

“When you look at the statistic that 84 percent of mobile calls go unanswered you realize that there is a massive problem for legitimate business with legitimate purposes”,Stalnaker told News 6,” You can’t get them to answer the phone because all they see is 10 digits and maybe a state.”

The reluctance to answer cellphone calls leaves messages from the pharmacy, school or another legitimate calls unanswered, Stalnaker argued, but he admitted for every good call there are dozens of

The company conducted a survey of 1,000 cellphone owners and found that more than half (55 percent) had received a scam call in the past month.

Orion already offers various cellphone “call protection”apps including a system to block unwanted calls that can be purchased at the Google Play store or Apple store.

The new system, in Stalnaker’s view will take robocall blocking to the next level.

“YD 2020 in 2020 is coming soon, we’re just in the pilot stages of launching this, He said, “It’s complete and full transparency and it’s free.”

First Orion already has apps available to block robo calls. For more information go to:

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