New Smyrna Beach man finds hawk in pool cage

'She didn't wiggle or fight once,' man says

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. – A New Smyrna Beach man said he had a special encounter with a hawk that landed in his pool cage.

Isaac Rempe said he had just finished washing his deck when he left the door to the pool enclosure open and went inside to cool off for a few minutes. 

A short while later, Rempe said his children came inside the house and told him that a hawk was in the pool cage. 

Rempe went outside to find the hawk resting in the corner and talked to it for a few moments before he calmly picked her up, he said.

"She didn't wiggle or fight once," Rempe said. "She looked at my finger like she might take a bite, but I asked her not to and that was it."

Rempe said he took a picture of the hawk before bringing her outside the pool cage and setting her on the ground.

The bird looked at Rempe for a few seconds before flying away, he said.