Woman hopes state attorney will seek death penalty for nephew's accused killer

State Attorney Aramis Ayala to seek death penalty for first time, officials say

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ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Orange and Osceola County State Attorney Aramis Ayala's office announced Thursday that it plans to pursue the death penalty against an accused murderer, but did not say what case they will pursue.

Officials with the State Attorney's Office said they will not release any further details until the prosecutor files a notice to seek death, but did not provide a timeline of when that would be, adding that it was at the discretion of the prosecutor. 

Linda Harrington said she hopes the case is the one involving her son's murder. 

Harrington is Nick Corvino's aunt, but she said she raised him like her son after his parents died when he was 4 years old. 

"He said, 'Aunt Linda,' he goes, 'you're a lot like my mommy and you're my mommy's sister. Could I call you Mom?' Well, I burst out bawling and I said, 'Yes, baby. You can,'" Harrington said. "And ever since that day, ever since he asked me, I have been mom and he's been my son." 

Corvino was shot and killed in his Kissimmee apartment in early October. 

His roommate, Scott Waddell, is charged with his murder.

"One of the first things that I said when I found out was, he better die," Harrington said. 

Before Thursday, Ayala said her office would not be trying death penalty cases. 
Harrington said Ayala's Thursday announcement brought news that is helping her get through her dark days of loss. 

"He'll never call me. Other than work, I'll be out at that grave every day. This is my new life, going to see my son in the ground. She gets to see her son in jail and talk to him. I have to go and talk to his grave and not hearing anything back," Harrington said. "Yeah, I hope he dies. Yeah, that's what it comes down to. I hope he dies."