4-year-old girl recreates astronaut Leland Melvin's viral portrait

Melvin says the image warms his heart


A young girl is melting hearts this year for Halloween by recreating the viral image of Astronaut Leland Melvin and his dogs.

On Saturday, Andrew Miller took to Twitter and shared the precious photo of his 4-year-old daughter's Halloween costume.

Astronaut Melvin re-tweeted the image and appreciated the father recreating the photo he took years ago.

The portrait was taken in 2009 but brought joy to the internet last February when the unofficial Rogue NASA account tweeted Melvin’s photos.

The astronaut was all smiles next to his two rescue dogs cuddling and kissing him. But the love for the retired astronaut does not end there. Melvin shared a photo on Twitter of a young boy wearing a flight suit hoodie next to his portrait.

The response on Twitter is filled with continuous love for humanity.