Seminole County residents upset over Hurricane Irma debris cleanup site

County officials hope to finish operations in a month

It's been two months since Hurricane Irma hit Florida, but there are still big piles of debris sitting in lots across Central Florida, including at an old car dealership in Altamonte Springs.

Residents who live in a nearby condo complex told News 6 they aren't happy with how long it is taking to clean it up.
Thyrl Reed said his condo complex was a peaceful and quiet place where he can get the rest he needs before going into work for the night shift. But recently that changed. 
"You can hear it, the noise, from here, but late at night it seems to increase," Reed said
Reed's complex is located right behind a Seminole County Hurricane Irma debris cleanup site at an old car dealership off State Road 434 in Altamonte Springs.

County officials told News 6 they opened the location right after the storm and started turning large piles of debris into mulch about a month ago.
That's when people who live around the area say they started having problems. 
"Getting dust in my eyes, going just walking, and it's just flying everywhere," resident Joseph Humphries said. 
Between the loud noises all day and night, as well as the dust creating potential health concerns, residents say they are fed up. 
"The dust is always flying and it's just constantly everywhere and it's annoying," Humphries said.
They reached out to News 6 to get results.
County leaders tell News 6 they have received complaints about the site, including someone calling police about the noise. We're told they are complying with the noise ordinances. 
County officials add crews built a large debris pile to act as a sound barrier and they are using quieter machines to make the mulch. 
They also say they are not running the machines at night, but there are trucks removing the mulch during evening hours several times a week.
County leaders also tell News 6 they are spraying water on the piles to limit the dust from spreading. 
News 6 also confirmed with county leaders they hope to finish the cleanup at this location in about a month. 
Residents say they understand the county has a job to do, but they want something done now. 
"I want to see them finish and done so we can get back to our quiet life here in Crescent Place," Reed said. 

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