Beware of this Netflix phishing scam

Scam aims to gather personal credit card information

(Getty Images)

Millions of worldwide Netflix subscribers are targets of a well-designed email scam. Users receive an email that told Netflix users to “restart their membership” by updating their billing information. The link in the email leads to a fake a Netflix account. Users are asked to enter account information and a credit card number. 

According to The Independent, these type of scams tend to focus on highly used services such as Netflix, Facebook and iCloud-- where it seems to come from the company itself. The link however, will lead to an identical version of the website. To stay safe form the scam, The Independent states to, “Change your passwords and keep an eye on any activity on your accounts. It might also be helpful to let the company itself know, so they can provide advice and stop it from happening in the future.”

The scam has targeted nearly 110 million Netflix subscribers. Netflix says for more information on  membership account security, head to netflix.com/security.