Woman run over with her own car while trying to escape cat attack, troopers say

Car left in reverse, rolled over woman

WEST COCOA, Fla. – A woman said a cat jumped into her car and attacked her and as she was trying to escape the feline's fury, she was run over by her own vehicle as it rolled in reverse, according to officials from the Florida Highway Patrol.

The woman said she had left her car parked in grass in front of a house on Magnolia Avenue in West Cocoa on Friday evening. She was preparing to drive off when the cat pounced into the car and attacked her, troopers said.

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In an attempt to escape the cat's claws, the woman got out of the vehicle, forgetting that it was in reverse, according to FHP.

"It's very unusual to have an animal leap into a car and bite somebody like this and then get run over by your own car. The car rolled into the street and did strike a parked vehicle as well," FHP Lt. Channing Taylor said.

Troopers said the car rolled over the woman, leaving her with critical injuries.

Video from the scene showed the woman on a stretcher as first responders transported her in a medical helicopter.

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