Ask Trooper Steve: When should I have my headlights on?

News 6 traffic safety expert answers viewer questions

ORLANDO, Fla. – Every morning at some point, I harp on the fact that we must manually turn our headlights on in order for us to fully trust that all our lights are on.

Relying on the automatic feature can sometimes become a little confusing. But I was asked specifically what does the Florida law actually read. Bob from Sanford asked me what are the minimum requirements by law for when I’m actually supposed to have my headlights on.

I tend not to like reading the book but in this case, it’s pretty crystal clear.

Florida Statute 316.217 states at any time from sunset to sunrise including the twilight hours, your headlights shall be on.

Twilight hours will mean the time between sunset and full night or between full night and sunrise. This also includes inclement weather during any rain, smoke, fog or anything that may obscure your vision.

Any questions pertaining to the law I provided a link to the Florida State statute at the bottom here.

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