Ask Trooper Steve: Avoiding rage behind the wheel?

News 6 Traffic Safety Expert answers viewer questions

ORLANDO, Fla. – Anytime that we are on the road as drivers, we are supposed to do our best to be as calm and safe as possible, at least we try. But so many times we have to remind ourselves that the only people we can control are ourselves and that can be a little frustrating for others sometimes.

Vanessa, who happens to live in the Baldwin Park community, asks what is the best thing to do in a road rage type situation, especially when you’re located in a residential area? Now I stepped back to think about Vanessa's question and what would be the safest way for her to interact with a “not so happy driver“.

First and foremost you want to remove yourself from that situation in the safest and fastest way possible. If that means you never even get out of the car and remain safe within the confines of your own vehicle then do that. If you can drive away without striking anyone or striking another vehicle,then drive away. If the other driver or the person that is contributing to the road rage is just so emotionally outraged, do not even engage that driver. We are all equipped with cameras on our phones, take pictures of the situation including the other driver and their car. But never forget as you are leaving the area, don’t forget to notify your local law enforcement.

Just because you have removed yourself completely from encounter does not mean that another driver is still not extremely agitated. Informing local authorities of the situation could hopefully prevent another driver from encountering the same situation you did.

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