70-year-old runner suffers broken femur trying to stop argument

Man trying to dine and ditch threw victim to ground, she says

DE LEON SPRINGS, Fla. – A 70-year-old De Leon Springs woman picking up dinner Saturday night, is now in the hospital after she tried to stop an argument.

Kim Collins, who is an avid runner, said another customer is to blame for her broken femur. Collins spoke to News 6 on the phone about 40-year-old Jeremy Piveral, who was dining at Karlings German Restaurant.
"He was complaining of the service and the food," she said.
Collins said Piveral was angry and refused to pay his bill.
"He kept saying, 'I'm in the restaurant business. I know what customer service is.' I was thinking, 'Well if you know what customer service is, would you want someone doing this to you in your restaurant?'" she said.
Deputies said Piveral stormed outside and continued arguing with the restaurant's owner. Collins said she told the owner to go back inside and she tried to keep Piveral outside.
"As I started closing the door, he grabbed it from me. He grabbed it open and then he pushed me to get me out of his way and shoved me down," Collins said.
Collins' neighbors said they're shocked over Piveral's behavior but said their good friend is one tough cookie.
"She just got up after hearing him talk to her like that. She didn't want no man talking like that to a woman and she got up and told him to get out," neighbor Joan Ryland said.
Collins said she was glad the fall didn't break her artificial hip, but now has to undergo surgery because of this incident.
"Look what he did to her. Like I said, she's a runner and she won't be able to that for a long time now," Ryland said.
Piveral faces a charge of aggravated battery and has since bonded out of the Volusia County Jail. News 6 called and left a message for Piveral, who has not yet return the call.

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