Parents on edge after bullet found at Pine Ridge High School -- again

.22-caliber bullet found in locker room bathroom

DELTONA, Fla. – Mystery bullets found at Pine Ridge High School in Deltona have parents on edge. 

"I trust in our teachers that they're going to do what they can to protect the students," mother Jeanette Nicotra said.

She held back back tears as she expressed her worry over whether her 15-year-old son will be safe next time he goes to school.

"It annoys me that students come to school with anything on them," she said. "There's nothing at the school to scan for that. There's minimal security."

Deputies said a .22-caliber bullet was found in the boys weightlifting locker room bathroom Tuesday afternoon, but they found no gun to go with it.

Last Thursday, two bullets were found at the same school, stuck between mats in the weight room. That prompted school officials to cancel the pep really Friday due to safety concerns.

"Not only are the students afraid of what's going on, they can't enjoy the activities that are presented to them," Nicotra said.

School officials sent out a note to parents urging them to talk to their children about not bringing unauthorized items on campus that could cause alarm. Dylan Nicotra has his own message.

"Don't be shy when you see something," 10th-grader Dylan Nicotra said. "Don't be like, 'I don't want to be a snitch if there's a gun on campus.' If it's your friend having the gun, tell the teacher."

His mother told News 6 she'd like to see more security on campus.

Volusia County School District officials said their current budget for school security is $3.6 million.