Robocall uses Florida Hospital, pediatrician's caller ID in phone scam

Experts say if number is not in your contact list, don't answer

ORLANDO,Fla. – Dennis Sullivan says he's been receiving an average of 5 to 7 robocalls a week, but this call had a name he trusted Florida Hospital. 

Sullivan told News 6 that when he first saw Florida Hospital on his caller ID he thought it was legitimate but then the phone number gave it away. 

Upon further investigation, Sullivan found out the number belonged to an Orlando-area pediatrician. 

"I checked the phone number and found out it belonged to a doctor, " Sullivan said. 
News 6 listened to the message that was a money scam. 

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Sullivan says  he's been receiving spoofed calls using area codes from across the country  for the last year

"I get them from Brevard County, get em from California, Arizona, Texas you name it i get it," Sullivan said.  "I guess my reaction is the scammers are always going to come up with different techniques to get you to call back to get you engaged," Sullivan said. 

Eva Velasquez is the President and CEO of the Identity Theft Resource Center. 

She tells news 6 consumers to need to be aware the robocall spoofing is a mind game to

"I think it's important to realize that the intent with those calls that are just bombarding us is to catch us off guard and get us to pick up the phone," Velasquez said. 

If it's not a known number in your contact list don't answer and if the call is the legitimate call they'll leave a message.