Recently released convicted murderer arrested in Sumter County homicide

Stanley Tarrand, 40, convicted in 1993 homicide, accused of killing Fannie Houck

SUMTER COUNTY, Fla. – Less than six months after being released from prison for a 1993 murder conviction, a Sumter County man killed again, officials with the Sheriff's Office said.

Detectives said a woman was found dead in Webster, Florida on Monday near County Road 711 and State Route 50. Less than 24 hours later, they identified 63-year-old Fannie Houck as the victim.

Authorities say Hauck is from Massachusetts and that she bounced around to a few cities to attend different camps. 

On Thursday, authorities in Lake County arrested Stanley Tarrand, 40, in the connection with the homicide. Detectives said they followed leads that placed Houck with Tarrand in the Tampa Bay area. They also used cellphone data to place Houck within a half-mile of Tarrand's residence. He was arrested in Clermont.

"He did confess To all of it. He confessed to the murder, he confessed to the shooting," Sumter County Sheriff's Office Cpt. Tony Prevatt said.

Houck's body was found 8 miles from Tarrand's home. She was shot "execution style," deputies said.

Tarrand was released from the Florida Department of Corrections in November.

He was serving a 51-year sentence for the 1993 Sumter County murder of 25-year-old Jackie Harris, according to the Orlando Sentinel.  Tarrand was 15 years old when he was arrested for that crime.

According to the Sentinel, Harris was living with Tarrand's mother, Wanda Tarrand, when she was killed.

"He stabbed a female 51 times in 1993 and killed her," Prevatt said.

He was sentenced in 1995 and released after serving 23 years of that sentence. Officials with the Sumter County Sheriff's office said Tarrand's original sentence was reduced for good behavior.

"He got sentenced under the old guidelines," Prevatt said. "Back in the 90’s when you got sentenced you literally did probably 40 percent of your time. That’s how much gain time an inmate would serve."

Tarrand is charged with first-degree murder and was booked into the Lake County Jail at 6:25 a.m. Thursday. Jail officials said Tarrand refused to go to his first appearance Thursday morning.

Detectives have not determined a motive for the homicide.

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