Accused double murderer Markeith Loyd seeks prosecutor's removal

Loyd wants Brad King off murder cases

ORLANDO, Fla. – Accused double murderer Markeith Loyd appeared in court Tuesday morning after filing a motion seeking to remove the prosecutor from his cases.

Loyd's attorney argues that State Attorney Brad King's handling of Loyd's case is a conflict of interest because of his involvement with the Justice Administrative Commission, which approves funding of expert witnesses.

According to Loyd's attorney, King's involvement with the commission gives him possible access to private information about Loyd and could allow him the opportunity to make contractual decisions about people involved in Loyd's case. 

The issue was brought up after a woman assisting in the case had her contract terminated for unrelated billing issues.

The hearing lasted more than an hour and wrapped up without a final decision from the judge. The judge instead said he wanted more time to review it and would have an order within the next two weeks.

Loyd is accused of killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Sade Dixon, and Orlando police Lt. Debra Clayton.

Loyd's attorney recently filed a motion to remove King, who was given the case by Gov. Rick Scott after local prosecutor Aramis Ayala said she would not pursue the death penalty against Loyd or anyone else.

Ayala later formed a committee to determine if the death penalty should be used in applicable cases.

Loyd withdrew a motion last week to get rid of his court-appointed attorney.

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