Andrew Gillum celebrates historic Democratic gubernatorial nomination

Gillum says voters want to see change

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum is celebrating a historic win as the first African-American nominee for Florida's governor. He won the primary election Tuesday as the Democratic candidate for governor.

Gillum spoke with News 6 Wednesday morning and said it’s time for change in Florida.

"All things are possible. I’m a deep believer," Gillum said.

Gillum said his faith kept him going through the race, despite being almost last place in the polls initially. He also admits he was the only non-millionaire running for governor in the Democratic Party. 

"My wife and I prayed before we entered this race and I’ve always thought from the very beginning that there was a calling, there was something greater here," Gillum said. "The truth is money doesn’t vote, people do. We said that all along the campaign trail and nobody believed us."

Gillum said his campaign platform, aimed at working for and serving average everyday people, helped him win the primary election and can help win in November.

"When you vote and you vote my name, know that you’re voting on good pay for teachers, good quality education, safe communities for our kids to grow up in," Gillum said. 

Many of his supporters agree it’s time for change in the state of Florida and said Gillum is the best candidate.

"I definitely knew he could win, just because people needed a difference," said supporter Regina Ferdina.

Gillum was endorsed by Sen. Bernie Sanders. Sanders congratulated Gillum on Twitter after the primary election Tuesday night. Gillum is also getting a lot of other support across the country in his race for governor. 

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