Video showing Winnie the Pooh comforting ill boy goes viral

Family visiting Walt Disney World posts video on social media


ORLANDO, Fla. – A video showing a 1-year-old boy being snuggled by Winnie the Pooh at Walt Disney World has been seen more than 25 million times since it was posted Monday.

Jessie Barber told News 6 her son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

The video shows the boy being held so that he can see Pooh Bear, who brushes his hair, snuggles with him and appears to reassure him.

News 6 sent the video to Walt Disney World. Spokeswoman Jacquee Wahler responded, "Each and every day we have the honor of seeing Disney magic come to life and touch the hearts of our guests in such special ways. This is a magical Disney moment that truly warms the heart."

Another son, 3-year-old Kade, is battling an immunodeficiency illness, and is currently seeking a bone marrow transplant.

Anyone who would like to help the Barber family can click here.


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For those of you who have disabled children know the feel when people look but aren’t sure how to interact with your kiddo. This Winnie the Pooh melted my heart and knew exactly what to do! He spent 10+ minutes with our little guy and he loved every second of it.😍 Thank you Pooh!

Posted by Jessie Barber on Monday, November 12, 2018


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