Bond revoked for Florida man in 'Mother of Satan' case

Jared Coburn arrested on charge of manufacturing an explosive device

DeLAND, Fla. – Bond has been revoked for a Volusia County man accused of possessing highly explosive chemicals known as "Mother of Satan."

During a hearing held in DeLand Monday morning, the state sought to have bond revoked for Jared Coburn, 37, who was arrested on a charge of manufacturing an explosive device. Coburn was released from jail after posting bond.

"Based on the defendant's prior criminal record and the current charges, there is a substantial probability that the defendant poses a threat of harm to the community," the state said in a court motion. "There are no conditions of release reasonably sufficient to protect the community from the risk of physical harm."

Volusia County sheriff's officials said last week that a tip led authorities to jars of the explosive powder in a Lake Helen home.

Jared Coburn.
Jared Coburn.

Coburn told authorities that he was making fireworks, but Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said the material, triacetone triperoxide, is very dangerous and has been used by terror organizations, including during attacks in Paris in 2015 and Manchester in 2017 during an Ariana Grande concert. Two jars, two vials and a baggie of TATP were found at the home, deputies said.

"It is highly volatile. Al Qaeda has dubbed this chemical 'the Mother of Satan.' It has been used in terror attacks all over the world," Chitwood said.

Authorities said that because the chemical is so dangerous, it's likely that Coburn was very skilled in handling it.

"I think the general consensus from the experts is this guy is pretty intelligent and pretty savvy, that he's able to produce this and not have blown himself or anything else up accidentally," Chitwood said.

Authorities said they're thankful to the citizen who submitted the tip and they're glad this situation ended without any injuries.

“This just goes to show that these anonymous tips really help us out when it comes to protecting the general public,” VCSO Bomb Squad Lt. Lou Marino said.  “If we wouldn’t have gotten that tip, who would know if we would’ve ever found out. Or it may have been after the fact, a very volatile situation would have taken place and somebody could’ve gotten hurt or, God forbid, killed. So we’re very grateful for that anonymous tip.”

During Monday's hearing, a judge ordered an immediate psychological evaluation be conducted on Coburn. The judge said his bond could be re-evaluated at an arraignment next month.

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