The Weekly newsletter: 'Devil in the Grove' author talks Groveland Four pardon

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Pulitzer Prize-winning author Gilbert King joins Weekly panel, discusses Groveland Four pardon

In the first week of office for Gov. Ron DeSantis, the Florida clemency board made history by unanimously pardoning the Groveland Four. News 6 anchor Justin Warmoth spoke with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Gilbert King, who wrote "Devil in the Grove" - a book in which was inspired by the case. King spoke about the details of the case, as well as his reaction to the pardoning, nearly 70 years after the men were first accused. 

Deputies: 9 people get out of van on I-4 near Disney, surround other vehicle

Orange County deputies say the men yelled at the victim and forced him to stop. The victim then fled - when one of the suspects brandished a firearm. All nine members were later arrested

Orlando International Airport begins food drive as government shutdown continues

As a way to get results for federal employees and contractors, the Orlando International Airport is collecting food donations for a food pantry. For information on how you can help, click here

Kia, Hyundai recall 168,000 vehicles

News 6 has reported on the problems effecting Kia and Hyundai models for months. Last week, the carmakers said the recall is to fix the problem that can cause fires. To see if your car is listed, click here

Born on the Savannah: Disney guests see giraffe giving birth

Guests usually take photos and video while riding on the Kilimanjaro Safari at Disney's Animal Kingdom, but last week, they say something unexpected. To see the video of the giraffe in labor and photos of the baby giraffe, click here

One with gators: Savannah Boan is an Instagram sensation

Gatorland president and CEO told News 6,  guests arrive everyday asking for Savannah. She's the only woman at Gatorland to handle gators, and is also introducing the world to her reptilian friends

'Cat' the dog find a forever home

After seeing our story, Glen Rice drove to Titusville from Flagler County to meet "Cat" the dog, who had spent years living in shelters. To see their new family photo, click here

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