Oreo flavors galore: What's your favorite?

March 6 is National Oreo Day


Oreo cookies have blessed us since being created on March 6, 1912, hence why today is National Oreo Day.

When the cookie originally debuted, there were two flavors, original and lemon meringue. 

Now, there are more flavors available than you probably even realize. 

But why is it called Oreo? No one is quite sure. 

Some think it is derived from the French word for gold because its first packaging was gold, according to Time.com. Others think it comes from the Greek word for mountain because the first Oreo version had a hill-like shape.

While we don’t know the meaning of the name, we can all agree these cookies are loved worldwide. 

So in honor of National Oreo Day, let us know which Oreo flavor is your favorite. 


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