Mystery surrounds Melbourne toddler's death

Child taken to Melbourne fire station

MELBOURNE, Fla. – An investigation is ongoing after a toddler death in Melbourne, according to the Melbourne Police Department.

Police said a driver told fire personnel her 14-month-old son was in medical distress Thursday afternoon.

"I spoke to one of our guys and said, 'Hey, he’s having active seizures, we need to get him some medication on board,' and at that time one of the other medics was starting an IV in the kid's arm," Fire Department Chief Phil Leitz said.

Investigators said it was determined the child was suffering from a heat-related illness and was taken to the Holmes Regional Medical Center.

Leitz said the boy was unconscious, unresponsive, diaphoretic and pale.

He said firefighters treated the toddler on a workout bench in the fire station while his mother paced around and talked on the phone.

"She was pretty upset. We asked her where she'd been and what she had been doing with the child. She said she had been running some errands and stuff like that," Leitz said.
Authorities said the child was flown to AdventHealth for Children in Orlando for further treatment. 
The toddler died at the hospital Saturday, officials said.

In an emergency, the fire department does not recommend coming to them like the boy's mother did.

"I think when she was driving down the road she realized the baby became unconscious and unresponsive," Leitz said. "We were just the first stop for her. Don't bring the baby to the station if you don't have to. Call 911. Let us come to you."
No other details have been released.

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