Aggressive gator bangs on glass door of woman's home in Flagler County

Trapper says gator was 7-8 feet

FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. – A Flagler County woman came home to an unexpected guest banging on her glass door.

Donna Heiss said she pulled into her garage at her house on Edward Drive in Palm Coast when her neighbors yelled at her to get inside.

Heiss found a alligator up against her glass door and side lights.

A trapper responded to the scene and said the gator was between 7-8 feet.

The Flagler County woman said the gator was aggressive.

"It frightened me so much," she said.

Heiss said she was nervous the gator was going to break the window, her dog was also scared. 

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission advises people to keep their distance when they spot a gator.

To report a nuisance gator, call 866-392-4286.

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