Timeline: News 6 Driving Change

In 2013, former Gov. Rick Scott signed into law Florida’s current texting and driving ban.

Being blunt: The law is ineffective.

A driver can only get a ticket for texting and driving if a police officer witnesses that same driver breaking another law.

That’s secondary enforcement and it’s helped Florida plunge to the bottom of texting and driving accidents and deaths in the U.S. when compared to other states.

Florida is just one of four states that still adheres to secondary enforcement and has no special restrictions on teens or school bus drivers using cellphones behind the wheel.

Each year, politicians in Tallahassee have tried to strengthen the law and each year they’ve failed.

For 2019, News 6 decided to create a timeline to follow the process of new bills aimed at putting more teeth behind the law in an attempt to create transparency and hold accountable politicians working for Floridians and those working against them.

About the Author:

Donovan is WKMG-TV's executive producer of digital enterprise