Bloody knives, bleach found at Winter Park home where UCF executive was slain

Evidence released in case against Danielle Redlick

New evidence has been released in the murder case involving UCF Executive Michael Redlick.

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – New evidence was released Thursday ahead of the trial for the Winter Park woman accused of stabbing her husband, University of Central Florida executive Michael Redlick, to death.

Redlick, 65, was found dead Jan. 12 inside his Winter Park home on Temple Drive. The medical examiner determined he was stabbed to death.

Detectives said Danielle Redlick claimed her husband had inflicted his fatal wound by stabbing himself and then waited 11 hours to call for help.

Danielle Redlick, 45, was arrested in February and charged with second-degree murder and tampering with evidence. She remains in the Orange County Jail awaiting trial.

Evidence released Thursday as part of the discovery ahead of the trial showed pictures and video of inside the home. 

Detectives found Michael Redlick lying on his back in the living room area. 

The couple's bedroom, kitchen, living room and hallways all were streaked with blood.

A knife was found near the kitchen, along with two others in the sink. All had blood on them. 

Detectives noted a mound of towels near a staircase along with a 5-gallon bucket with dirtied water. 

In the report, detectives noted the smell of bleach coming from areas of the home. 

The 911 calls made by Danielle Redlick were among the evidential discovery released.

In one call, she can be heard on the line with a dispatcher describing her husband's state. 

"He's stiff. He's wounded. He might have had a heart attack. I don't know," she said. She went on to change her story as the call progressed.

The dispatcher asked Danielle Redlick if she found her husband the morning of the call or the night before.

"He was not OK last night. We had an altercation and he stabbed himself and I ran into the bathroom and then I came out and I tried to help him and I saw that he was lying in blood," she said.

The hundreds of pages of reports said deputies arrived at the Winter Park home to a locked door.

When authorities arrived at the home, deputies said the front door was locked and when Danielle Redlick answered she was wearing all black and covered in blood, according to investigative reports.

Photos taken at the home in the driveway near the garage show blood on her feet and neck and wounds to both of her wrists.

In the kitchen were bloodied footprints and photos showed two knives in the sink photos. Both of them had traces of blood.

Once in the hospital, Danielle Redlick asked detectives what people were being told about her husband's death and what her children were told. 

A detective told her they would tell her children their father had passed away and their mother was in the hospital.

While at the hospital, Danielle Redlick admitted she and her husband have been having problems for about five years and said an argument the night before stemmed from a text from another man, according to authorities.

Danielle Redlick's next court date is scheduled in July. Her trial date has not been set.