Kissimmee police warn residents about summer car break-ins

Car break-ins go up during summer months, police say

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – It's summertime and even though several people may be relaxing for the next two months, police say thieves are out targeting cars.

"Right now we have an uptick of vehicle burglaries in the summertime. We’ve gone up the last couple of years in June, July and August," Officer Jack Flanary said.

Kissimmee police officers passed out flyers at the Liberty Village Community on Monday and told residents to keep their car doors locked at all times.

According to officers, about 21 car break-ins were reported in Kissimmee this month.

"Much of those vehicles, their car doors are left unlocked and that presents an opportunity for people to come through during the cover of the night and open those unlocked doors and take what they wish," Flanary said.

In 2017, there were 128 car break-ins in Kissimmee during the summer. That number dropped to 62 over the same time in 2018.

"Please lock your vehicles. Doesn’t matter whether you’re here or out shopping, when you get out of your vehicle, lock your car," Flanary added.

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